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ACON Wave SP240 -Shooting pad

15 202 RUB

The ACON Wave SP240 is an extra-large shooting pad with a puck rebounding system.


Product serial: 42307-SP240

Product available: In stock

The SP240 is 240 cm long and 120cm wide, bringing various aspects of ice hockey practice such as puck handling, one-timers, quick shots, and slap shots to a new level. With the ACON Patent Pending folding mechanism, the shooting pad can be folded into a handy, easily storable 80 cm x 120cm in size.

Weight 12 kilos

Size of 240 x 120 cm

Foldable (patent pending)

Storage size 80 x 120

Thickness of 4mm


Includes a puck rebounder system

2 year warranty (include all the parts)

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